The Difference

The secret to our students’ exemplary performance at is no rocket science: Inquisitiveness, Consolidation, and Efficiency. 

Inquisitiveness is born from interest. By helping them learn the links between Economics and real life, we hope to help them develop an appreciation of the subject. Lessons include anecdotes as well as discussion of real-life economic events to engage our students.

Inquisitiveness will also lead to independence, culminating in a virtuous cycle which will encourage self-directed learning, allowing them to improve even faster.

Students may lack confidence because they are often caught unaware by an obscure concept they thought was unimportant. Other times they simply failed to clarify a concept they were not 100% clear about. At, we are serious about helping our students know everything they need to know, and know them crystal clear.

Through going through practices, students are constantly engaged in a process of checking their competencies and consolidating what they know. This ensures that on the day of the exam they can walk in with the confidence that everything is at the back of their minds.

One thing that JC students often lack is time. Moreover, learning Economics does not have to be extremely time consuming in any case. The time wasted on learning unimportant skills/concepts can be put to better use. Under the guidance of Mr Anthony Fok, students can plan their studying time more efficiently, grasping Economics concepts at a rate faster than others and thus maximizing performance while minimizing time spent.