“Thank you for everything Mr Fok! You managed to make Economics really easy to grasp! Your lessons are really interesting too! Thanks for the A grade!”

  • Hsien Weng (National Junior College)

“Mr Fok! Haikal here. Thanks for helping me get out of my economic recession! haha! U to C in two months!! Thank you!”

  • Haikal (Pioneer Junior College)

“Mr Fok is a very friendly and helpful tutor who is willing to extend his help beyond lesson hours to help his students. Whenever you have doubts, you can always feel free to ask him questions via whatsapp and get feedback on your work, such as the ways to perfect your answers and avoid losing unnecessary marks on common errors. Mr Fok’s lessons are lively as well since he uses real life examples and stories to help you remember crucial concepts and familiarizing and tackling questions of different difficulty levels. I am very thankful  that Mr Fok has guided me in jumping from an S grade to achieving an A at the A levels in less than a year. Highly recommended tutor for all!”

  • Joie (Jurong Junior College)

“I really didn’t expect to improve from a U to an A! I joined Mr Fok’s class with a poor foundation in economic concepts and I was always lost in class. Mr Fok was able to explain economic concepts clearly using real world examples to make it more relatable and easier to understand. I found myself being able to catch up in class and understand concepts much better. Mr Fok was also always available on the phone to answer any questions I had. He is a dedicated and experienced teacher whom I can go to for advice and I enjoyed his lessons every week.”

  • Li Suen (National Junior College)

“Mr Fok was a tutor and also a friend to me. He developed personal relations with his students and did his best for each and every one of them, regardless of the sheer number of students he has. He made econs fun and memorable, and his constant usage of real life examples and personal stories still stay with me up till now! The resources he provided were invaluable – mountains of model essays and summaries that made econs much less confusing and daunting. I personally thought the econs paper we all sat for was extremely hard, but thanks to his notes and summaries, I was able to recall important concepts and apply them to unorthodox questions. I really have Mr Fok to thank for my eventual results!!”

  • Gigi (Raffles Institution (College))

“In merely a short 2 months+ period of attending Mr Fok’s lessons, I’ve gained great understanding in relation to the H2 Economics syllabus and it’s requirements which helped me secure an A for my A Levels Examinations. Mr Fok’s a kind and patient tutor whom is willing to take extra time to help clarify our doubts, be it via whatsapp or encouraging us to submit extra work for marking, for which he would write useful, examinations-focused feedbacks for. Thank you for helping me improve my knowledge for Econs and gearing me up for the A Levels examinations.”

  • Kady Ho (Nanyang Junior College)

“Mr Fok is an extremely dedicated teacher who always tries his best to helping his students. He would always deliver his lessons in a manner that would allow the students to understand the concepts in Economics. Mr Fok also provides plenty of notes that he believes are important so as to value-add to the lessons. Moreover, he would also conduct mini consults after class so as to allow the students to fully contextualise and understand the concepts. To add on, he would personally correct and mark work that has been handed over to him and would try his best in returning the scripts by the next lesson. I got A in Economics thanks to Mr Fok!”

  • Yi Ming (Yishun Junior College)

“Mr Fok is a highly dedicated H2 economics teacher, who goes beyond the call of duty to answer questions at all times of the day. His help has been essential to me getting an A grade for my H2 economics in the A Levels, when i used to get Ds in exams. Nearing the A level period, when i really needed help in the wee hours of the morning Mr Fok was there to answer my queries by message. Also, Mr Fok has proffered me many an opinion regarding multifarious world issues and key evaluation concepts that enabled my economics grade to skyrocket to an A. If you are looking for a miracle in Economics, you know you need Mr Fok, not just because he is good-but because he is the BEST.”

  • Gracia (Jurong Junior College)

“Mr Fok is a kind and patient tutor who does not mind going the extra mile to ensure that learning takes place. His bubbly character has helped to lighten the mood during classes and enhanced the learning for every student. I strongly recommend Mr Fok if you feel that you are weak in your economics concepts.”

  • Sean Ng (St. Andrew’s Junior College)

“Mr Fok is a very engaging and understanding teacher. He understands how his students feel and perform. Whenever hete students are not focusing, he has his ways to wake ups up and highlight the important things that we might have missed out. This makes his lessons effective and easy to follow.”

  • Ya Chu (River Valley High School)

“Before I started going for Mr Fok’s lessons, I had little to no understanding of the subject at all. Really just whack and pass only! But then Mr Fok really nurtured my passion for the subject by making it more understandable and fun! I really really enjoyed Economics ever since I started tuition! LEGIT! And Mr Fok’s small pep talks and fun casual stories also kept me awake and entertained.”

  • Tanya Tan (Anglo Chinese Junior College)

Congratulations to JCEconomics.com TOP STUDENTS who scored ‘A’ in Economics

No Name School GCE ‘A’ Level Grade
1 Yap Yi Tong National Junior College A
2 Kristyn Neo Raffles Junior College A
3 Denise Lee Innova Junior College A
4 Tay Jiayi Jurong Junior College A
5 Gary Lim Anglo Chinese Junior College A
6 Janelyn Anglo Chinese Junior College A
7 Rebecca Lau Serangoon Junior College A
8 Phillis Kho Innova Junior College A
9 Nathan Lau Catholic Junior College A
10 Xu Ke River Valley High School A
11 Ng Jing Yi National Junior College A
12 Jonathan Chew Jurong Junior College A
13 Maxene Tay Jurong Junior College A
14 Clarice Tay Nanyang Junior College A
15 Lai Shumin National Junior College A
16 Jacob Wee Tampines Junior College A
17 Christine Wong Victoria Junior College A
18 Kheng Peng Anderson Junior College A
19 Samy Jurong Junior College A
20 Adrian Hartanto Tampines Junior College A
21 Somesh Catholic Junior College A
22 Clarice Huang National Junior College A
23 James Cheung Anglo Chinese Junior College A
24 Nicholas Ng Jurong Junior College A
25 Alison Pioneer Junior College A
26 Celeste Ng Hwa Chong Institution A
27 Cherie Sim Hwa Chong Institution A
28 Leow Yujun Hwa Chong Institution A
29 Esna Ong Raffles Institution (College) A
30 Eunice Liew National Junior College A
31 Kah Mun Meridian Junior College A
32 Michelle Tan Meridian Junior College A
33 Jerlin Huang St. Andrew’s Junior College A
34 Kai Yuan St. Andrew’s Junior College A
35 Keith St. Andrew’s Junior College A
36 Manohar Jurong Junior College A
37 Phillis Khor Jurong Junior College A
38 Rahul Victoria Junior College A
39 Amanda Chung Raffles Institution (College) A
40 Benedict Lim Raffles Institution (College) A
41 Yang Kang National Junior College A
42 Debbie Ng Catholic Junior College A
43 Berlin Lee Raffles Institution (College) A
44 Ryan Tan Victoria Junior College A
45 Gillian Mak St. Andrew’s Junior College A
46 Chiran Hwa Chong Institution A
47 Jia Ke Raffles Institution (College) A
48 Lim Hui Sin Millennia Institute A
49 Patel Drashti St. Andrew’s Junior College A
50 Irin Wee Anderson Junior College A
51 Jin An Raffles Institution (College) A
52 Yue Ning St. Andrew’s Junior College A
53 Zheng Lin River Valley High School A
54 Zuying Anderson Junior College A
55 Soh Han Wei Hwa Chong Institution A
56 Edwin Choo Meridian Junior College A
57 Kavin Shankar Raffles Institution (College) A
58 Nicole Tay Meridian Junior College A
59 Daryl Raffles Institution (College) A
60 Stephen Chua Meridian Junior College A
61 Aloysius Poh Hwa Chong Institution A
62 Zin Phyo Ko Ko Dunman High School A
63 Gurprit Singh Innova Junior College A
64 Isaac Chan Victoria Junior College A
65 Estelle Tai River Valley High School A
66 Wen Ting St. Andrew’s Junior College A
67 Bao Huei Hwa Chong Institution A
68 Shauna Woo Raffles Institution (College) A
69 Cherise Ong Serangoon Junior College A
70 Yong Xiang Pioneer Junior College A
71 Chang Jiale Anglo Chinese Junior College A
72 Kenneth Chow Raffles Institution (College) A
73 Alyssa Chong National Junior College A
74 Joey Chua Catholic Junior College A
75 Delia Ong Raffles Institution (College) A
76 Ming Lu Hwa Chong Institution A
77 Siew Min River Valley High School A
78 Charmaine Chin Nanyang Junior College A
79 Nakkiran Innova Junior College A
80 Fionn Lui Serangoon Junior College A
81 Berlin Lee Raffles Institution (College) A
82 Dion Decosta Catholic Junior College A
83 Steffi Ong Jurong Junior College A
84 Kah Seng Jurong Junior College A
85 Sherwynd Lui Innova Junior College A
86 Diana Ng Meridian Junior College A
87 Nicholas Teo Raffles Institution (College) A
88 Hui Yin Temasek Junior College A
89 Eeliz Cheong Innova Junior College A
90 Xue Wei River Valley High School A
91 Sylvia Tay Nanyang Junior College A
92 Akshita Jurong Junior College A
93 Jing Yu Meridian Junior College A
94 Sharlene Goh Private Candidate A
95 Amanda Goh Raffles Institution (College) A
96 Joan Chew Raffles Institution (College) A
97 Jimmy Hong Raffles Institution (College) A
98 Cher Yining Nanyang Junior College A
99 Melissa Tee River Valley High School A
100 Wong Shi Hwa Raffles Institution (College) A
101 Sarah Chew Anglo Chinese Junior College A
102 Zhang Yi Raffles Institution (College) A
103 Lan Meng Hwa Chong Institution A
104 Harsimran Temasek Junior College A
105 Dlyal Serangoon Junior College A
106 Belinda Zhang Raffles Institution (College) A
107 Shamen Koh Raffles Institution (College) A
108 Tabitha Lee Victoria Junior College A
109 Justin Arista Hwa Chong Institution A
110 Jonathan Boey Raffles Institution (College) A
111 Jaye Ong Hwa Chong Institution A
112 Chek Junqi Hwa Chong Institution A
113 Wong Zhiying Hwa Chong Institution A
114 Hannah Chew Raffles Institution (College) A
115 Louis Tan St. Andrew’s Junior College A
116 George Ge Hwa Chong Institution A
117 Yang Shi Jian Raffles Institution (College) A
118 Justin Ng St. Andrew’s Junior College A
119 Ong Hui Sin Millennia Institute A
120 Gabriel Tan Catholic Junior College A
121 Vanessa Sim Serangoon Junior College A
122 Nat Tan Tampines Junior College A
123 Rachel Ee Raffles Institution (College) A
124 Goldwin Catholic Junior College A
125 Ong Bai Quan Anderson Junior College A
126 Bernice Wan Anglo Chinese Junior College A
127 Hsien Weng National Junior College A
128 Lin Kai Serangoon Junior College A
129 Jerline Lim Catholic Junior College A
130 Rachel Ann Kok National Junior College A
131 Peng Loon Catholic Junior College A
132 Daryl Mak St. Andrew’s Junior College A
133 Tanya Tan Anglo Chinese Junior College A
134 Yi Ming Yishun Junior College A
135 Ya Chu River Valley High School A
136 Clarice Serangoon Junior College A
137 Patricia Piang Tampines Junior College A
138 Andrei Nanyang Junior College A
139 Hasif Victoria Junior College A
140 Gigi Raffles Institution (College) A
141 Yue Hong Anglo Chinese Junior College A
142 Li Suan National Junior College A
143 Justin Chu Catholic Junior College A
144 Sarah Yew Serangoon Junior College A
145 Ling Hwee Serangoon Junior College A
146 Li Xuan Anderson Junior College A
147 Joie Jurong Junior College A
148 Gracia Ng Jurong Junior College A
149 Kady Ho Nanyang Junior College A
150 Sean Ng St. Andrew’s Junior College A
151 Katrina Yeo Serangoon Junior College A
152 Yue Ting Victoria Junior College A
153 Michelle Tan Anderson Junior College A
154 Daryl Mak St. Andrew’s Junior College A
155 Xin Jie Anderson Junior College A
156 Regan Pioneer Junior College A
157 Vanessa Gan Raffles Institution (College) A
158 Shivani Raffles Institution (College) A
159 Li Yang Hwa Chong Institution A
160 Miranda Catholic Junior College A
161 Hui Min National Junior College A
162 Benjamin Chan Dunman High School A
163 Kim Khoo Anglo Chinese Junior College A
164 Sammie Hwa Chong Institution A
165 Julius Yu Raffles Institution (College) A
166 Yu Xiang National Junior College A
167 Jayvnn Wong Anglo Chinese Junior College A
168 Eve St. Andrew’s Junior College A
169 Cameron Chen Tampines Junior College A
170 Arina Rashid Raffles Institution (College) A
171 Alaistair Wong Anglo Chinese Junior College A
172 Bing Jie River Valley High School A
173 Adelyn Chan Catholic Junior College A
173 Clara Lee Dunman High School A
174 Tze Jie Hwa Chong Institution A
175 Ling Xi Raffles Institution A
176 Kit Tan Temasek Junior College A
177 Alvin Song Catholic Junior College A
178 Chloe Koh Anglo Chinese Junior College A
179 Clarice Goh Serangoon Junior College A
180 Min Suk Catholic Junior College A
181 Cassa Ng National Junior College A
182 Erinn Lee River Valley High School A
183 Megan Lau Anglo Chinese Junior College A
183 Vanessa Gan Raffles Institution (College) A
184 Pauline Wan Pioneer Junior College A
185 Rebecca Goh Tampines Junior College A
186 Ashley Chua Hwa Chong Institution A
187 Han Qiang Hwa Chong Institution A
188 Darren Chua Raffles Institution (College) A
189 Victoria Koh National Junior College A
190 Keith Lim St. Andrew’s Junior College A
191 Dominic Let Raffles Institution (College) A
192 Eugene Yeo Catholic Junior College A
193 Fawwaz St. Andrew’s Junior College A
194 Chye Lin Catholic Junior College A
195 Kimberly Kong Anglo Chinese Junior College A
196 Chuan Hong Victoria Junior College A
197 Katrina Yeo Serangoon Junior College A
198 Minn Pye Hmu Jurong Junior College A
199 Joshua Wee St. Andrew’s Junior College A
200 Aloysius Raffles Institution (College) A
201 Sue-Anne Victoria Junior College A
202 Sarah Kew Raffles Institution (College) A
203 Sheri-Lyn Hwa Chong Institution A
204 Fang Min Raffles Institution (College) A
205 Jin Yang St. Andrew’s Junior College A
206 Erin Siah Hwa Chong Institution A
207 Ian Chua Raffles Institution (College) A
208 Klement National Junior College A
209 Fabian Chia Anglo Chinese Junior College A
210 Kyle Looi Anglo Chinese Junior College A
211 Ryan Leow Raffles Institution (College) A
212 Shannon Soon Catholic Junior College A
213 Hong Jun River Valley High School A
214 Hui Qi Victoria Junior College A
215 Nicole Ng St. Andrew’s Junior College A
216 Alastair Pang Hwa Chong Institution A
217 Ling Xi Raffles Institution (College) A
218 J-Lynn Tampines Junior College A
219 Zheng Xi Raffles Institution (College) A
220 Serene  Lau St. Andrew’s Junior College A
221 Cavyn Chong Catholic Junior College A
222 Victoria Raffles Institution (College) A
223 Yu Jin Hwa Chong Institution A
224 Yuh Ling Hwa Chong Institution A
225 Keith Raffles Institution (College) A
226 Ashbel Catholic Junior College A
227 Coco Luk Catholic Junior College A
228 Joy Peh Hwa Chong Institution A
229 Xin Ying Serangoon Junior College A
230 Jing Sen Meridian Junior College A
231 Bryan Soon Hwa Chong Institution A
232 Yeh Jia River Valley High School A
233 Quianna Lim Anglo Chinese Junior College A

Click on this link to view the full list of students scoring distinctions in Economics.