As a centre teaching students how to achieve excellence in the subject of Economics, one of our major belief is that our teaching approach must center around two things – the student and the syllabus. Find out more about our methodology below.

Helping our students enjoy their learning is our ultimate goal. Many have experienced the unique JCEconomics.com’s method of learning Economics and have seen great success. Experience our econs tuition classes today!



Mr Anthony Fok is an economics tutor who cares deeply for his students. He works behind the scenes tirelessly, preparing worksheets and delivering lessons every day to ensure a top quality economics tuition experience for students at JCEconomics.com.

Mr Anthony Fok previously worked as a MOE school teacher and has been teaching Economics for many years. He is also the author of several Economics guidebooks and has been featured in the press, on radio and on television.

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Learning is a lifelong process and requires many stars to align. The students’ attitude, abilities and aptitude are all factors that can determine how well he or she learns.

At JCEconomics.com, we instil in our students one key characteristic of motivated learners – the zeal for knowledge. It is the spark that will begin one’s journey and exploration in the subject that will keep one resilient in the face of any adversity while studying for it. Learning Economics is a marathon, and we want our students to run the race happy, at a comfortable pace.


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Under the guidance of Dr. Anthony Fok, our economics tuition classes embody the principles of inquisitiveness, consolidation, and efficiency, laying the groundwork for academic excellence and lifelong learning. Dr. Fok's expertise and passion for education inspire students to cultivate inquisitiveness, encouraging them to delve deeper into economic concepts and engage critically with course material. Through interactive discussions and thought-provoking exercises, Dr. Fok fosters a curious mindset that fuels intellectual curiosity and deepens understanding.

Furthermore, Dr. Fok emphasizes the importance of consolidation, providing structured opportunities for students to review and reinforce their learning. With Dr. Fok's guidance, students systematically revisit core principles, solidifying their understanding through practice exercises and targeted review sessions. This consolidation process ensures that students build a strong foundation and develop the necessary skills for success in economics.

Efficiency is also paramount in Dr. Fok's tuition classes, where every moment is optimized for maximum learning. Dr. Fok's carefully curated lesson plans, tailored teaching strategies, and personalized support ensure that students make the most of their time and efforts. By prioritizing inquisitiveness, consolidation, and efficiency, Dr. Fok empowers students to achieve their academic goals and excel in economics. Join us today and experience the transformative power of Dr. Anthony Fok's economics tuition classes.


Getting excellent results would be a tangible goal and the primary intention of those who come for tuition. However, at JCEconomics.com we also promote holistic education which our students will find useful for the rest of their lives. Lessons are often peppered with real life stories related to Economics.

The JCEconomics.com Difference.

The secret to our students’ exemplary performance at JCEconomics.com is no rocket science: Inquisitiveness, Consolidation, and Efficiency.

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